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CompuKey Locksmith

Helping You Sleep Better Since 1994

Nashville, Tennessee and Hendersonville, Tennessee

Tom Gillingham, Jr. CML, CPS, CIL – ALOA Certified Master Locksmith

Tennessee Locksmith License LS-057


 Residential Services

 We provide residential products and service within the city limits of Hendersonville and Goodlettsville, TN.

If you reside in Hendersonville or Goodlettsville we are here to help when you need your home rekeyed

or your locks upgraded. Sleep better at night knowing the locks on your castle were serviced by the best.

Let our advanced knowledge help you at home as well as at work.


Most residential locks can be bypassed easily and more importantly, silently. It doesn’t do any good to say

you will fight back should someone break in during the night if you sleep through it. Good locks are intended

to, at a minimum, require most intruders to create noise which can alert you and perhaps your neighbors

and give you advance warning. Also remember that by the time your alarm system goes off, they are

already inside with you. The bad guy has the upper hand. The better your locks, the more effort and noise

an intruder is going to have to make. You don’t want to wake up to someone standing over your bed.


The locks sold at most “big box” stores are produced specifically to hit a price point and nothing more.

Your security specialist can recommend what security devices you really need and what fits within your budget.




We Install Deadbolts