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CompuKey Locksmith

Serving Middle Tennessee Since 1994

Nashville, Tennessee and Hendersonville, Tennessee

Tom Gillingham, Jr. CML, CPS, CIL – ALOA Certified Master Locksmith

Tennessee Locksmith License LS-057


 Frequently Asked Questions


“How do I prevent my employees from copying their keys?”

“Do I really need to rekey my locks?”

“Are bump keys a real threat?”

“How hard is it to pick a lock? Jim Rockford made it look easy.”

“Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?”

“Can you ‘crack’ a safe?”

“What does it take to call yourself a locksmith?”

“Can I buy picks, a slim-jim or bump keys from you?”

“I’m locked out. Do you open cars?”

“Can I come to you and save a trip charge?”