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Tom Gillingham, Jr. CML, CPS, CIL – ALOA Certified Master Locksmith

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Why Rekey?

Frequently we are asked when a rekey is needed and if it is better to rekey or replace

the existing locks on a business or home. There are several factors to be considered.


Should you change your locks?


If you have lost control of who has access to your building then the locks should be changed.

This may be due to staffing changes, lost keys, new purchases, etc. Since most common keys

can be copied at the neighborhood hardware store, once you let anyone access your keys

for a moment they could be compromised. In the case of a business, your now former employee

who covered for you while you were on vacation might just have a copy at home “just in case.”

He or she may have had the best of intentions when they originally copied the key but now

doesn’t have the same warm, fuzzy feelings toward you that they once did.


What about the assistant manager who you just caught embezzling from the company?

That person was trusted to open and close the business but now has been caught stealing.

Rekeying your locks is a must and should be done before the close of business that day.


At your home, you may not realize how many people have a key and could slip in while

you are sleeping. Did you rekey the locks since you moved in? Does the former babysitter

(and her scary boyfriend) still have access? What about the ex-pest control guy? The last

six real estate agents who showed your house? (and their not so admirable teenagers)

How about the painter, the guy you left a key under the mat to repair your refrigerator, etc.?

Did you once have a housekeeper who could have made a copy in case they lost the original?


All of these people could come to visit you at 3:00 am or “stop in” while you are gone.

Allow us to provide you the peace of mind knowing that only you have the keys

to your home or business.


Should I rekey or replace my locks?


The simple answer is, it depends.

If your locks are worn out or just ugly then they may need to be replaced. We can

provide you with quality hardware that is matched to your level of risk and

desired protection. Often, however, if your locks are in good shape

and you have the existing keys, they can be rekeyed.

When a lock is rekeyed, it means the pins inside the lock are replaced

with new ones that match a different key, rendering the old keys obsolete.

This is an economical alternative to replacing the locks.


When you need your locks changed, it may be a good time to consider upgrading

your security with better locks. We have various grades of locks in stock on the truck

so you can decide that at the last minute. You could opt for locks that are just

stronger but the keys can still be copied easily or the better option would be

locks with keys that you control who can have copied by way of patented key

systems with restricted keys. We have these ready when you are.


Either way…


When we rekey or replace your locks, we are equipped to do minor door and

frame adjustments in addition to changing the keys to allow your locks to work better.

A poorly installed lock or a misaligned frame will prevent even a new lock from

working properly. Call us today to see why once we do work for a client, they

call us back for future needs for many years to come. Most of our clients from

the mid 90’s are still clients today. That speaks volumes to our quality.





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