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CompuKey Locksmith

Serving Middle Tennessee Since 1994
Celebrating 29 Years as a Local Business in 2023

Nashville, Tennessee and Hendersonville, Tennessee

Tom Gillingham, Jr. CML, CPS, CIL – ALOA Certified Master Locksmith

Tennessee Locksmith License LS-057



Advanced Knowledge Differentiates Us from the Competition

About the Owner, Tom Gillingham, Jr. CML, CPS, CIL

·        Certified Master Locksmith – The Only Nationally Accepted Certification - Administered by the Associated Locksmiths of America’s Proficiency Registration Program

·        Certified Professional Safe Technician – Certified by the Safe & Vault Technicians Assn

·        Certified Institutional Locksmith – Certified by the Institutional Locksmiths Association

·        Over 35 Years Locksmithing Experience

·        Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) Southeast Director 2003-2009, Bonded Lifetime Member

·        ALOA LAN Member of the Year 2000

·        Safe and Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA), Bonded Lifetime Member

·        National Safeman’s Organization, Inc. (NSO) Charter Member # 0453

·        Middle TN Locksmith Association, Inc. - President, 1995-1999; Charter Member

·        Tennessee Organization of Locksmiths- President, 1999-2001; Charter Member, Life Member

·        DHI – Door & Hardware Institute

·        ILA – Institutional Locksmiths Association – Member

·        Certified Alarm Technician by the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA)

·        Certified Access Control Technician by the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA)

·        ClearStar Security Network, Lifetime Charter Member

·        Interchangeable Core Specialist

·        MEDECO Exclusive Systems

·        ASSA Factory Service Center

·        Graduate Lockmasters Safe School

·        Factory Certified Safe Technician

·        Safe Opening Expert

·        Middle Tennessee Born & Raised

·        B.S. Degree Middle Tennessee State University

·        Computer Programmer Specializing in Locksmith Software


National Certifications:

Certified Master Locksmith                         ALOA                                     July 27, 2001

Certified Professional Safe Tech                SAVTA                                  July 26, 2001

Certified Professional Locksmith               ALOA                                     May 06, 2000

Certified Registered Locksmith                  ALOA                                     June 18, 1998

Certified Alarm Technician                           NBFAA                                  July 18, 2001

Certified Access Control Tech                     NBFAA                                  July 15, 2001

Certified Institutional Locksmith                ILA                                          July 15, 2006


Factory Certifications:

ASSA High Security Locks                              ASSA ABLOY, Inc.

Rixson Door Closers                                        Rixson-Firemark, Inc.

Schlage Lock Servicing                                    Schlage Lock Co.              

ADA & LCN Automatic Door Openers LCN / Ingersoll Rand

NKL Safe Certification                                    NKL FireKing Univ          

Gardall Safe Certification                              Gardall

Medeco Security Locks                                  Medeco                              

Medeco3 High Security Locks                     Medeco

Medeco KeyMark                                            Medeco

Vindicator Microlock 40                                 Kaba-Mas, Inc.

HES Electric Strikes                                          Hanchett Entry Sys

ILCO Access Control                                        ILCO Unican

Detex Alarms                                                     Detex Corporation

Schlage Primus                                                  Schlage Lock Co.

Mas-Hamilton PowerLever                          Mas-Hamilton

Mul-T-Lock Certification                                Mul-T-Lock Corp

Electronic Safe Locks                                      Sargent & Greenleaf

Mechanical Safe Locks                                   Sargent & Greenleaf

AMSEC Safe Corporation                              AMSEC

La Gard Mechanical Safe Locks                   La Gard, Inc.

Ilco Unican Safe Locks                                    ILCO Unican

AMSEC Star Major Certification                 AMSEC

Vindicator Microlock 10                                 Mas-Hamilton

La Gard Electronic Locks                                La Gard, Inc.

Mas-Hamilton Auditcon                                Mas-Hamilton

Mas-Hamilton Vindicator II                          Mas-Hamilton


Recent National Continuing Education Classes Attended:

Advanced Safe Opening and Repair

Alarm Lock Electronic Lock Training

Life Safety Codes

High Security Electronic Locks

CCTV Video System Technologies (NBFAA)

Electronic Safe Lock Servicing

Service Call Management

Life Safety Codes – NBFA80, NBFA101, ADA, IBC2012

CCTV For Locksmiths

Defense Against Methods of Entry

Aluminum Door Servicing

Financial Management for Locksmiths

Business Planning

Thinking Outside of the Box

The History of Locks & Locksmithing

Advanced Shop Management

Master Keying Methods & Formats

Advanced Master Keying Topics

Exit Devices & Exit Alarms

Rekey Project Management

Advanced Locksmith Business Structures

Certified Alarm Technician, NBFAA

Certified Access Control Installer, NBFAA

Bank Lock Servicing

Vault Time Lock Servicing

What’s New in Electronic Safe Locks

Comprehensive Interchangeable Core I

Comprehensive Interchangeable Core II

Tubular Lock Servicing

Professional Bypass Techniques

Forensic Locksmithing

Complete Door & Door Closers

Basic Electricity

Safe Lock Servicing     (7 Day Class)

Combination Lock Manipulation (7 Day Class)

Basic Safe Penetration (5 Day Class)

Electronic Safe Locks (7 Day Class)


ALOA Certification Program

Professional excellence is encouraged through ALOA's Proficiency Registration Program (PRP). The PRP evaluates the educational and technical competence of dedicated individuals, tested in 36 categories, ten mandatory and twenty-six elective. The following designations then apply, the differences lying in the number of elective categories selected and mastered in addition to the mandatory categories: Registered Locksmith (RL), Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL), Certified Professional Locksmith (CPL), and the highest level, Certified Master Locksmith (CML).

·        RL is the designation for Registered Locksmith. J. Doe, RL, has demonstrated proficiency in the security profession by means other than a written exam. An RL has a good working knowledge of general locksmithing.

·        CRL is the designation for Certified Registered Locksmith. J. Doe, CRL, has demonstrated proficiency in the security profession by passing 10 mandatory categories of the PRP plus two electives of his choice. The locksmith has a good working knowledge of general locksmithing.

·        CPL stands for Certified Professional Locksmith. J. Doe, CPL, has earned the RL or CRL and has gone on to select and successfully demonstrate proficiency in an additional 12 elective categories. The locksmith has advanced knowledge of general locksmithing and of specialized areas.

·        CML is the highest level of ALOA's Proficiency Registration Program. Certified Master Locksmith designates an individual who has successfully completed 90 percent of the available categories of the Proficiency Registration Program. This locksmith had advanced knowledge of most areas of locksmithing, physical and electronic security.



Codes & Code Equipment

Cylinder Servicing, Pin & Disc Tumbler

Keys, Blank Identification

Keys, Duplication

Keys, Impressioning

Locks, Professional Opening Techniques

Locksets, Functions

Masterkeying, Basic

Locks, Cabinet, Furniture & Mail Box



Domestic Auto

Foreign Auto

Door Closers

Life Safety Codes

Cylinder, High Security

Cylinder Servicing, Special Applications

Cylinder, Tubular Key

Basic Electricity

Exit Hardware & Alarms

Locks, Keyless Mechanical

Locks, Lever Tumbler (Non-Safety Deposit)

Locks, Motorcycle

Locks, Safe Combination

Locks, Safe Deposit

Locks, Time

Lockset Installation

Masterkeying, Advanced

Safes, Installation

Safes, Opening & Servicing

Vault, Installation & Servicing

Interchangeable Core, Best Style

Interchangeable Core, other than Best Style

Electro-Mechanical Access Control

Door Hardware, related Locks


Locks Detention